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How to drive traffic and sales

Become an aggressive outbound digital marketer.

Your ads will appear on your best prospect’s cell phone, computers, laptops, and tablets.

We’ll even count the number of people who see your ad and then walk in your door.


It’s easy and very effective.  I’ll show you.

Whoever and wherever your best prospects may be, they will see your ads.

Select any three tactics to increase sales:


Target any 4 competitors

Beam your ads to shoppers who walk into your competitor’s store.  They will continue to see your ads for 30 days. $500


Target builders, designers, realtors or anyone who is a prospect

Send ads to new home owners before they move in, or send ads to best prospects based on the value or age of their home, car they drive, club they belong to, what they read, etc. $250


Retarget your website

Send ads to anyone who visits your website – to get them back to your website.  $300 for six weeks.


Keyword Display - better than ppc!

Send your ads to anyone who searches online for a competitor or manufacturer, a product category or any term that indicates they’re shopping for what you sell.  $250 

Campaigns last between 1 month and 3 months depending upon traffic.