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Precise Marketing for retailers who DEMAND RESULTS.

We use GPS technology and proprietary algorithms to find your best prospects, regardless of who they may be or where they are located.  Then we deliver your ads to them on television or online. 

Marketing technology made simple and affordable.
You tell us your industry and best prospects, and we’ll provide affordable tactics to get them to your website and into your store.


Your prospects can’t hide from our satellites.

We’re retailers too.  We think like you.
And we despise wasteful marketing.

Precise Retail Marketing successfully leverages the most advanced marketing technology anywhere at the lowest possible price.

Each campaign includes your own dashboard that is updated daily.  Unlike any other marketing, we will provide you measurable results and remarkable ROI.

We will drive these prospects to your website and into your store:

Active shoppers who visit your competitor’s showrooms

New home owners

Home buyers shopping for a new home before closing 

List of prospects or influencers

Anyone’s residence or office

Private club members

Prospects based on age, wealth, age or gender of children, value of home, car they drive, what they read, etc.

Interior designers, architects, doctors, lawyers, celebrities, professional athletes, entertainers, etc.

Prospects based on hobbies; golf, equestrian, food, art, boating, fitness, etc.  

By income or net wealth

Exclusive BRAND BLANKET to drive broad brand awareness and brand preference with best prospects by demographics

Members of either political party

We guarantee to get your brand in front of your best prospects and to your website.